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What is This?

Glitch Gorge is a website dedicated to compiling and archiving information related to the animated series Bee and Puppycat. In addition to storing this information, this site is being developed with the intention of sharing this work with an audience outside of mainstream social media, where it can exist as a modest landmark of the internet rather than something so quickly flushed away by an algorithm. This website takes its name from Glitch Gorge, the arcade Bee used to visit with her father each year on her birthday as a child.


What is Bee and Puppycat?

Natasha Allegri’s Bee and Puppycat initially premiered as two animated shorts uploaded to the Cartoon Hangover Youtube channel in the summer of 2013 as part of their “Too Cool! Cartoons” series. From these two shorts spawned a ten episode-long animated series funded on Kickstarter and produced by Frederator Studios. The first four episodes of this series were then uploaded, starting in November of 2014, on the Cartoon Hangover channel, which would become a hub of information related to the series in the future. The series was, at some point, available for streaming on VRV, which is where the last six episodes of the first season were released before they were uploaded to the Cartoon Hangover channel in 2018.

Bee and Puppycat: Lazy in Space was first announced with a trailer in 2018 and was expected to release in 2019. The release of this sequel series, however, was postponed for reasons that are still contested to this day. Some viewers cite the COVID-19 pandemic as an obvious cause of the series’ delay, while others claim a contract with VRV was to blame. In 2020, multiple episodes of Lazy in Space were leaked online after Frederator Studios CEO Fred Seibert uploaded them to a Vimeo playlist. There, the episodes were available to anyone with the intentions of downloading and redistributing them to other fans or third-party platforms. This catastrophic slip-up did little harm to the series’ chance of being picked up by another streaming service, however; on August 10th, 2022, Allegri released a never-before-seen trailer for Lazy in Space via Instagram, where she announced that it would be available on Netflix in less than a month. As anticipated, Bee and Puppycat: Lazy in Space saw an official release on Netflix on September 6th, 2022.


What's it About?

All installments of Bee and Puppycat follow the titular Bee, a newly unemployed woman unsure of how to make ends meet, and Puppycat, the otherworldly being whom she encounters after he falls out of the sky. Bee takes Puppycat in despite having hardly enough money to care for herself, let alone both of them, upon which Puppycat introduces her to his current place of employment, the Space Temporary Agency, where she is assigned her first temp job working with Puppycat. The series employs a sort of “adventure of the week” format; each episode usually sees through the completion of at least one temp job. When she isn’t working or lazing around her apartment with Puppycat, Bee finds herself being bossed around by her seven-year-old landlord, Cardamon, or hanging out with the Wizards, her downstairs neighbors who are frequently roped into her and Puppycat’s extraterrestrial antics. Throughout the series, Puppycat does his best to evade the children of the Space King’s warlocks, who are responsible for the curse confining him to his current form. Try as Puppycat may to conceal the truth from Bee, it doesn’t take her long to conclude that there are many things the two of them don’t know about each other.